Just say No – To SOPA

Today I was going to post about the Higgs-Boson, the so-called “God Particle.” I had a lovely idea to explain what the “God Particle” is and why particle physicists are searching for it at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN.
But I can’t provide that post to you today.
Because Wikipedia, my go-to resource to get started on any type of informational article, is blocked out for the day in protest of SOPA. It’s a powerful move intended to raise awareness of what some entertainment industry lobbyists are trying to push through Congress in the guise of anti-pirating legislation.
If you care about a free internet, then you should care about – and oppose – SOPA.
I could try to explain to you what SOPA is and why people who enjoy a free internet should oppose it, but frankly I can’t do any better than this article posted on the CRACKED website. The article, titled The Only Argument on the Internet in Favor of SOPA, by Soren Bowie, is satire. So don’t freak out and think that the author is supporting SOPA! But really, it’s funny but I’m not sure that I’ve read a better explanation of what SOPA will do to our beloved, free internet.
What do you think? Is SOPA likely to pass? If so, are you concerned about its effects on the internet we know and love? Or do you think it will do its job – curtail pirating – but not affect the rest of us?


2 thoughts on “Just say No – To SOPA”

  1. Thanks for reading. Glad you found it helpful. I'll post again on the topic if I find additional information that I think will be useful and/or if the inspiration for it hits ; )


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