Summer Teen Reading Party with Emerald Barnes & A Giveaway!

Happy Friday! Please welcome my guest, Emerald Barnes, to this Friday edition of the Summer Teen Reading Party. Emerald is the author of Read me Dead – a fascinating title that makes me want to find out what it’s all about! Recently I had a chance to chat with Emerald and this is what she had to say.

NATALIE WRIGHT (NW): Do you have any
news to share about your work?

EMERALD BARNES (EB): I recently published a new
YA Romantic Suspense, Read Me Dead, at the end of April, and I’m working on a
new YA series and a women’s fiction novel.

NW: What books have
you written so far?

EB: I’ve written a novella,
Piercing Through the Darkness, and a full-length novel, Read Me Dead.

NW: What was the
inspiration for your book?

EB: The inspiration for Piercing
Through the Darkness
was one of my first short stories I’d ever written.  I had this vision of a young woman running
from someone who wanted to kill her for a crime she believed she didn’t commit.
Read Me Dead was based on a
dream I had about a young girl telling a secret, a secret that could get her

NW: What is your
favorite scene from your book and why?

EB: There are so many of my
favorites to choose from.  But in Read Me
, I have to say, I believe that it was when Alexia, my main character,
finally tells her best friends her secret. 
The secret she’s kept for seven years, that she knew who killed her

NW: What genre do
you write in?

EB: I generally write in the YA
genre, but I’m branching out to women’s fiction.  Also, I’m working on a YA paranormal series
when I usually write suspense.

NW: Which book do you wish you had written?

EB: The Hunger Games
Trilogy!  It is simply brilliant!
NW: If you walked through a portal to dimension without
books, what three books do you want to take with you?

EB: Oh man.  That’s such a tough question!  Hunger Games, To Kill a Mockingbird, and any
of the new Doctor Who books.
NW: Describe your perfect Saturday.

EB: Spending the day with my nieces
and nephew and somehow managing to find some time to relax.

NW: What do you hope readers will take with them from your

EB: I just want them to be
transported to another life and live vicariously through my characters.  That’s always been my goal in writing.

Goodreads Summary of Read Me Dead:

Alexia Wheaton’s problems go beyond picking a dress and a date for homecoming.

For seven years, Alex has lived with a painful memory – her parents’ horrific murder. As the sole witness, she has kept quiet to protect herself, but when the local newspaper reveals her secret, Alex is plagued with fear that her parents’ murderer will soon find her – and silence her forever.

Alex is catapulted into a race against time to save her own life and bring her parents’ murderer to justice.

Emerald Barnes, Author
 You can Purchase Emerald’s Books here:

And you Can Connect with Emerald Here:
Piercing Through the Darkness is currently
priced at 99cents for the duration of May as a special promotion for the Summer
Teen Reading Party!


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