Dream Cast for Emily’s Trial

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Natalie Wright, P.C.




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Emily’s Trial, Book 2 of the Akasha Chronicles

Some writers “cast” their
characters before they pen the first word of their story.  I didn’t search for actors or models to serve
as references for my characters before I wrote Emily’s House, Book 1 of
the Akasha Chronicles. But when I set out to write Book 2, Emily’s Trial,
I decided to give casting my characters a shot.
It was a lot of fun to search
out real-world faces to match the characters I’d created in my mind. There
aren’t any exact matches of course. But I’ve come pretty close here.
Allow me to introduce you
to the cast of Emily’s Trial:
Actress Rachel Hurd-Wood 
– played by Rachel
Hurd-Wood. Emily is the main character, reluctant hero, ordinary girl with a
painful past turned modern Celtic Priestess. Emily’s signature long, red hair
and piercing green eyes make her a somewhat hard character to cast. Emily is
beautiful but in a natural way. She doesn’t wear much makeup and tends to let
her hair go au naturel. But when I
came across this picture of Rachel Hurd-Wood, it was like looking at a picture
of the snapshot of Emily I’ve had in my head for about five years now!

But hold on, when we cast
the model to pose as Emily for the cover of Emily’s Trial, I think we
found a girl that may be even more of a dead ringer for Emily than Rachel. Here’s
Ashley playing Emily Adams for the cover of Emily’s Trial.

Armed with her magical
dagger and wearing the golden torc, forged long ago by faerie hands, Emily is
ready to take on the forces of darkness in Emily’s Trial. But will desire
tempt her to use the powerful magic entrusted to her in a forbidden way? And
what will happen to her and her friends if she succumbs to the forces of
Acrtess Allisyn Ashley Arm
Fanny Katz – played by Allisyn Ashley Arm. Fanny is the wisecracking, loyal friend
to Emily. The two have known each other since pre-school. Fanny has
always had Emily’s back. But in Emily’s Trial, the friendship is tested.
Will their bond survive the ordeal of Emily’s Trial?
Fanny’s strong, athletic
and although physically small, can kick the ass of just about anybody. When I’m
writing, Fanny’s voice comes out with a potty mouth! So to keep the Akasha
Chronicles series YA appropriate, I’ve had to tone down her language 😉 It has
been a fun challenge to try to find other ways to say her trash-mouth phrases
that won’t scald the ears of parents and librarians!
I saw this
picture of Allisyn and couldn’t believe the resemblance to the Fanny
in my mind! Just add curly hair and you’ve got Fanny.
Actor Ian Somerhalder
Owen Breen – played by Ian
Somerhalder. How hot does a guy have to be to get Emily to put her friendships
– the most valuable thing to her – at risk? How about Ian Somerhalder hot?
smoldering eyes, the full lips, the dark hair. Ian is slightly older than Owen,
and Owen has dark, chocolate-brown eyes. But the swagger is all Owen. I think
Ian Somerhalder could persuade me to do anything he wanted me to. Hell, I don’t
think it would take much persuading!

Actor Sterling Beaumon
Photo Getty Images
Jake Stevens – Played by Sterling
Beaumon. If you’ve read book 1, Emily’s House, then you know that Jake and
Emily have been best friends since they were little kids. Jake is super-smart
and as loyal as they come. What he lacks in courage, he makes up for with his calm,
level-headed reason. When the shit hits the fan, and you find yourself in a big
mess, Jake is the go-to guy to come up with a plan to get you out (a good
thing, because Emily has a way of getting herself into lots of messes!).
is what you might call a “late bloomer”. In Emily’s Trial, he’s now 16 but
still waiting to “fill out” a bit. When I came across a picture of Sterling
Beaumon, I thought he was perfect to play Jake. Just add glasses and you’ve got
Jake Stevens.

readers of book 1 may have guessed it, but in Emily’s Trial, it’s
confirmed – Jake has been crushing on Emily – big time! But the oblivious Miss
Adams hasn’t put it together. When they’re thrust into danger, will Emily start
to crush on him too? And if she does, is it too late for them?
sure is aging well! Perhaps a look at Jake in the last installment of the
Akasha Chronicles, Emily’s Heart, coming 2013.

Sterling Beaumon
What’s a story without some conflict – antagonists? Emily’s got plenty
of antagonists in Emily’s Trial. Her old nemesis Greta Hoffman makes an
appearance in Emily’s Trial.
AnnaSophia Robb, Photo by Jonathan Ressler
In Emily’s House, we learned that Greta was the kind of girl
that, as a child, could melt the hearts of adults with her blonde curls and large,
blue eyes. Greta still uses her physical beauty and charm to get what she
There are plenty of blonde-haired, blue-eyes beauties in Hollywood.
But whoever plays Greta has to have something other than good looks. After all,
Greta has to hold her own against Emily Adams – no wimpy, lithe runway walker
will do!

Greta Hoffman – Played by
AnnaSophia Robb. When I saw this picture of AnnaSophia, I thought this is Greta! I can picture her as a popular,
a cheerleader, and a teacher’s favorite. But this picture also captures that side
of Greta that no one knows – the secret side. There’s more to her than meets
the eye. What role will she play in Emily’s Trial? And I promise you,
there’s more of her to come in Book 3, Emily’s Heart.
One last character to get you in the spirit of it all. A nasty
creature – sometimes I wonder where my brain comes up with this stuff! Should I
be worried?!
In Emily’s Trial, Emily and crew meet perhaps the ugliest beast
they’ve ever seen. What would happen if you took this . . .

“What? My mother thinks I’m beautiful!” 
And mixed it with this . . .

The mixture would turn out to look a lot like Dorcha, a strange
creature that roams the
Umbra Perdita.
There are other characters to meet in the pages of Emily’s Trial,
but I have to leave you some surprises.
Happy reading J


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