Teaser Tuesday: First Look at Emily’s Heart

Gothic Comments

~Magickal Graphics~

This is an excerpt from a scene that I’m working on for Emily’s Heart, Book 3 of the Akasha Chronicles. In this scene, Emily has just received a visit from the mysterious Draicha. He reminds her so much of Madame Wong, but Emily’s not sure of him. Is he a good guy? Or is he more bad news?

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I grabbed a potholder and opened the oven door, the smoke hitting me in the face. I coughed and gagged as I fanned the smoke away. I pulled the pizza from the oven, the edges like cinders.
My dinner. Black and unsavory, a bit like most everything else in my world.
The smoke alarm blared, but I didn’t dare open a window to get air. It would only alert the people in the shadows that I was easy prey.
I sat on the barstool where Draicha had been only minutes before. Instead of it being warm from his body heat, it was cold.
I pulled the card from my pocket and stared at it. The high-pitched screeching of the smoke alarm sang in the background but it sounded as if far off, down a tunnel, in another place.

       I was on a battlefield, my fellow warriors around me, facing an enemy made from the dark 

shadows of our fears, and I searched my mind for the answer to how one kills a shadow.

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