COVER TIME! Please Help me Choose

Yay, it’s choose the cover art time! This is one of the most fun parts of the book writing/publishing process. But I need your help! I would appreciate your thoughts on which of these three cover arts you like the best for my release due this fall, Emily’s Heart.

Does one of them stand out to you? Catch your eye more? Please drop me a comment below, or you can comment on my Facebook page. Thanks so much y’all!

So let me know, #1, #2 or #3 šŸ˜€

(Cover Model is Ashley Phillips; Cover Photography by Teresa Yeh; Cover Art by Claudia McKinny at PhatPuppy Art)


10 thoughts on “COVER TIME! Please Help me Choose”

  1. I think #2 is the most beautiful because the colors are more vivid. I'm a little confused as to what the spotty-sparkly stuff at the bottom is. I guess it has something to do with the book. Anyhow, whichever you pick, they're lovely. šŸ™‚


  2. Thanks Ashley. Once we have the final cover art chosen, I'll have to post it next to the original photo so people can see all that an artist does to take it from photo to final cover art! I love the light too and it hints at what's happening to Emily inside the pages of the book šŸ˜‰
    But really, with your beautiful self gracing the cover, we can't go wrong no matter which one we choose!


  3. I really like both 1 and 2, the different widths of the border in 3 are putting me off a little. Staring for ten minutes trying to work out which one… I think I like number 1 best as there isn't so much focus on her hair, which in number 2, being so bright, is immediately drawn to it.

    Wonderful cover design. Can't wait to see which one you choose.


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