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Emily’s Heart has Arrived!

Emily’s Heart by Natalie Wright
Book 3 of The Akasha Chronicles
Emily’s Heart, Book 3 of the Akasha Chronicles, has arrived!!!!! *happy dance*

Before I share links and all that, I want to send a HUGE thank you to family, friends, followers, fans and readers all over the world who have supported me and my writing! For any of you who are writers, you know what a wondrous yet solitary path the writer walks. And during the novel-writing process, there is always a period of time when the writer is quite certain that the entire novel is a pile of camel dung. When I arrive at the camel dung period in my writing process, my interaction with readers helps lift my creative spirits.

Emily’s Heart was a challenge to write. If you’ve read book 2, Emily’s Trial, then you know that I painted myself into a pretty tight corner! So much had gone wrong. So much to set right. “How will Emily set this right?” readers asked.

That was a good question, and one that I did not have an answer to during most of the writing process. That’s right, I began writing without knowing how it would end! But I trusted that if I wrote long enough, the end would figure itself out. And it did, but it wasn’t without a couple of months of crying, screaming, pouting, ignoring, writing and tossing, many chocolates, and sleepless nights. Then one day, the ending came and life was good again ;-D

Advance readers report that Emily’s Heart is my best book yet. I hope you all agree.

Emily’s Heart is now available on Amazon worldwide and paperback on Barnes & Noble, Amazon and CreateSpace. It will go live on iTunes and Barnes & Noble on February 1. Links for all retail are below.

If you are new to the series, I now have an Amazon exclusive boxed set available which contains all three books in the series. It is 30% OFF of the cover price for the individual titles if purchased separately. Boxed Set on Amazon –

Thanks again and happy reading!

Barnes & Noble – Both Paperback and E-Book
CreateSpace – Paperback. Use Coupon Code 5RW292Y5 for 25% off
Powell’s  Paperback
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February Show the Love for Readers Book Giveaway

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Enter to win a signed copy of my novel, Emily’s House!

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Contest closes February 29 and winners will be announced here, on the blog, March 1.

**Fine Print**

This contest is open to U.S. residents only. You must be at least 13 years of age to enter. 

That’s it! Enter early. Enter often. Spread the news.

Best of Luck!

And to get comments going, enquiring minds want to know, how do you like to celebrate Valentine’s Day? (Remember, this blog if for all ages so keep it clean! ; )


I hinted.  I asked.  I even begged my family to get me a Kindle for Mother’s Day.  I don’t normally ask my family for any particular gift.  Hey, on Mother’s Day I’m just happy if I don’t have to cook.  But this year, I really, really wanted that little object.  I think hubby knew I was going to be seriously unhappy if I didn’t get a package with an electronic reading device on M’s Day.
Why was I being a toddler begging for a toy about this?  

Here, the top 5 reasons I LOVE my Kindle:

5.   I can take HUNDREDS of books with me wherever I go and I don’t have to lug them in a tote or my handbag.

4.  I can download FREE classics to my reader.  Amazon has so many public domain classics available for free.  Alice in Wonderland.  The Island of Dr. Moreau.  Grimm’s Fairly Tales.  These are just a few that I recently downloaded (all works I have never read before).  Does it get cheaper than Free?

3.  There are a gazillion (don’t quote me on that number) FREE and 99 cent from self-published and Indie authors.  I can try out a new author for less than a buck (or even free).  Honestly, some have been not so hot.  But others have been really fun reads (for example Hollowland
by Amanda Hocking and Death Whispers by Tamara Rose Blodgett).  When’s the last time you went into Barnes & Noble and had the choice of THOUSANDS of books for less than a dollar or free?  (And, you had to buy the gas to get there and get out of your pajamas long enough to go to the store.)

2. I can get books delivered to me INSTANTLY (okay, it actually takes about a minute, but that’s pretty darn instant isn’t it?).  Instant gratification is a beautiful thing.

1.  It’s just plain COOL!  

There are other reasons I love it and I’m sure to discover more as time goes on (like being able to read my OWN books on Kindle when I get them published).

Do you have a Kindle?  Do you love it?  Or do you have another e-book reader?  If so, what is your experience? Share you thoughts on e-books, readers and such in the Comments.