Short Bio: Author, Nature Lover, Freedom Seeker and Cat Wrangler.

Longer Bio: I write adventurous stories featuring kick-ass female heroes for young adults and adults. My first series, The Akasha Chronicles, is a magickal fantasy series that concludes with a dystopian love story. Currently I’m working on H.A.L.F., a 5-book science fiction series that has been described as “The X-Files meets The Good, The Bad & The Ugly!” If you enjoyed T.V. shows like X-Files or Roswell, this series will be for you. First book lands near you March 4, 2015.

I live in the desert southwest of the USA with my husband, daughter, and two young cats. They are wonderful souls who tolerate me despite the fact that I spend most of my time with people they’ve never met in worlds that they’ll never go to.

When not writing, driving my family crazy, or wrangling my cats, I may be found in a movie theater watching sci fi or Marvel Universe movies, gamer girling, reading comics or sci fi/fantasy books, or hanging out on various blogs reading and writing about the same.

After nearly a half century on this beautiful blue planet, I have come to the belief that in order to be happy, we need only two things: Love and Freedom. Thus, I devote my life to spreading the cause of each of these components of happiness and sincerely hope that each of you finds them in equal measure.

NOTE: Any and all excerpts, posts, poems, short stories or any other writings of any kind on this blog are copyrighted by Natalie Wright. If you would like to quote anything that I’ve said, you may do so but please attribute the quote to me and link back to where you found it on my blog. If you would like to reprint a post or other piece of my writing, please contact me to obtain permission first.


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Author of Adventurous Stories for Middle Grade, Young Adult & Adults

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